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Corporate Info • 02 Sep 2023

Hartadinata Abadi Goes To Campus.

Inline with the company's vision and mission of expanding community inclusiveness in saving gold, In 2023 PT Hartadinata Abadi began implementing the Hartadinata Abadi Goes To Campus program. This program aims to introduce gold as an asset that can be used as savings. Besides that in this program, students are given education about financial literacy so they have better financial planning from an early age. 

Currently, the Hartadinata Abadi Goes To Campus program has been carried out at Pelita Harapan University and also Parahyangan Catholic University and will continue to be continued at various other universities. Young people are essential economic actors, but are also more financially vulnerable and more susceptible to solicitations of influence. The level of public understanding of financial products and services is at 49%, but 86% of people have access to finance. This shows that there is a gap between financial literacy and inclusion. This means that more people use financial products and services without understanding them. It is hoped that through this program students will also have higher knowledge and ability to manage finances so that they will also be wise in making financial decisions.