Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR & Sustainability Programs

The Company in implementing CSR & Sustainability programs is carried out with the approach of Economic Performance, Environmental Performance, Social Performance. and sustainability performance. In addition, the Company hopes that CSR & Sustainability programs can be carried out by contributing to the community accompanied by local governments to develop programs according to their needs and responsibly, so the Company considers that this will make CSR & Sustainability programs more optimal and can have direct benefits for the surrounding community.

Currently, the company has several CSR & Sustainability programs that are routinely carried out every year, including:
  1. Human Resources (HR)
    The Company understands that good quality human resources are needed by all companies. Therefore, the Company has conducted various trainings and provided opportunities for employees to be able to take part in several improvements in their skills.
  2. Concern for the Community
    The Company sees that the surrounding community needs attention. In several ways, the Company took part in activities held by the Community, among others, the Company donated several cows to several points where the Eid al-Adha event was held, as well as the Company took part in religious as hafizh quran. In addition The Company give chance for employee and Community for Umrah to Mekkah, Arab Saudi.
  3. Occupational Health and Safety (K3)
    The Company has expectations for employees that the K3 policy should not only be viewed as a rule that must be obeyed, much deeper must be used as a habit so that it can become a lifestyle for employees.