PT Gemilang Hartadinata Abadi.

The beginning of the establishment of PT. Gemilang Hartadinata Abadi began with the establishment of PT Gadai Cahaya Dana Abadi (PT GCDA) as a subsidiary of PT Hartadinata Abadi, Tbk (Hartadinata). In 2018, it was the beginning of PT Hartadinata Abadi, Tbk's business expansion in the field of pawnshops in the country which previously focused on the production and sale of gold jewelry. Gadai Hartadinata Abadi as a brand of the pawn holding company PT Gemilang Hartadinata Abadi which has been operating in 5 provinces that has obtained OJK permits through its subsidiaries. Currently, Gadai Hartadinata Abadi has 79 pawn service units and the plan is that by the end of 2022 several pawn service units will be opened in several regions to reach 100 pawn service units.
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