PT Aurum Digital Internusa.

PT Aurum Digital Internusa is a subsidiary of PT Hartadinata Abadi, Tbk which has been officially acquired since 2019. With the same dedication, PT Aurum Digital Internusa strives to provide quality services through business activities in the field of wholesale & retail trade, as well as technology.

Since 2021, PT Aurum Digital Internusa has advanced in the business transformation stage. In this development process, the company re-adjusts the business model, identifies strategies, and designs the best big steps in achieving the company's larger vision, because the company realizes the importance of adapting to market and technological changes, so we continue to be committed to developing the company constructively.

Together with the company's dedication and big vision, PT Aurum Digital Internusa, fully believes that by focusing on development and quality improvement, we will be able to deliver better products in the future.
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