Good Corporate Government

Timotius Adi Tan, Tjhin

Member of Nomination and Remuneration Committee
Indonesian citizen, 62 years old. Currently, he serves as a member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee of the Company. Currently also serves as Founder and CEO of SOC group "Spirit of Change" Human Resource Center since 2000 until now, working as Chief of transformation center / Chief Human Resources Officer at B&B Inc (Exsport, Eiger, Bodypack, 2005-2015 brands), Founder and CEO of PT OXI Liquindo Pratama (2005 until now), Postgraduate Lecturer Master of Management at Maranatha Christian University Bandung (2010 - 2013) Assistant Vice President at AXA Life Indonesia (1994-2005),  Head of Capem at Bank Danamon Ciamis (1990-1994). He earned his Bachelor's degree in Educational Psychology and Guidance at Siliwangi Tasikmalaya University (1983-1988) and Master of Art Pastoral Counseling at STT Kharisma Bandung (2003-2005). Appointed as a Member of the Company's Nomination and Remuneration Committee on June 24, 2022.