Good Corporate Government

Suprihadi Usman

Chairman of the Company Nomination and Remuneration Committee
He started his career as the Chief of Police (Kepala Kepolisian Resor (Kapolres)) (1990),  served as Kepala Kepolisian Resor Kota (Kapolresta) of Samarinda (1993), served as Deputy Chief of Bengkulu Regional Police (2003), served as a regional inspector (2004), until he served as Deputy Chief of Police (Wakil Kepala Polisi Daerah (Wakapolda)) of West Java (2006). In the year 2000, He obtained his Masters in Management at Bhayangkara Jaya University. He was appointed as Chairman of the Company’s Nomination and Remuneration Committee on June 24, 2022. Currently, he also serves as the Company’s Independent Commissioner and Chairman of the Company’s Audit Committee.