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Celine Jewellery.

Celine Jewellery is the second diamond brand owned by PT. Hartadinata Abadi, Tbk, which was established in 2015, and targets the middle-high market. With its tagline, "experience the sense of sweetness in our luxurious diamond jewelry", Celine Jewellery presents diamond jewellery with sweet and beautiful designs. Unlike Claudia Perfect Jewellery, its predecessor, Celine Jewellery, is a diamond jewellery brand with superior fashion products. By emphasising 4C (clarity, color, cutting, and carat), the jewellery quality at Celine Jewellery is accentuated. We want our customers to experience sweet moments when shopping Celine Jewellery because service is our priority. Currently, Celine Jewellery has 2 outlets located in Bandung.
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