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Top Digital Public Relations Award 2024.

INFOBRAND.ID, JAKARTA - The gold jewelry manufacturer, PT Hartadinata Abadi Tbk, has successfully clinched the Top Digital Public Relations Award 2024 from INFOBRAND.ID media in collaboration with TRAS N CO Indonesia.
Hartadinata is recognized for effectively utilizing its digital PR in communication, engaging with consumers to shape perceptions, and presenting a positive image of the brand and the company.
Yudho Jatmiko, VP of Business & Operational, hopes that receiving the Top Digital Public Relations Award 2024 will serve as a benchmark for Hartadinata to strive for even better performance in the future.
"Thanks to TRAS N CO Indonesia and INFOBRAND.ID, we at Hartadinata are always committed to innovation, which we hope can make a difference, and this needs to be communicated well, that's why we need PR communication," he said.
As is known, Hartadinata is a renowned brand such as Aurum Collection Center, ACC Premium, Claudia Perfect Jewellery, and Celine Jewellery, which continue to innovate in their products and services.
Based in Bandung, the company also continues to expand its retail outlets, with its stores reaching 83 by last year. It's no wonder that its presence continues to earn the public trustworthiness due to its quality products.
Moreover, this jewelry issuer is also very active in digital public relations, as evidenced by over 10 thousand web pages and coverage in more than 5 thousand digital media outlets within a year.

Source: Public Trustworthiness, Hartadinata Abadi Achieves Top Digital Public Relations Award 2024